George Adrian is a staple in the Los Angeles music scene.  George has been singing, playing guitar/bass, and composing music from the age of 5. 

Originally from Chicago, George was chosen by Gene Simmons (KISS) for House of Lords before being tapped for Aragon (Arista Records).  

Moving on from Aragon, Adrian recorded an experimental instrumental album with partner Tyler Bates (Marilyn Manson / Film Composer).  Most of those recordings made their way to Adam Rifkin’s cult classic Psycho Cop 2.  This success led to further film opportunities including the feature film “Blue Flame” (Cassian Elwes).    

Despite Adrian’s success with film scoring and composing, his original passion for performing led to a long-time residency at the world-famous Cat Club.  During that period, Adrian toured with several bands and co-founded his next band JAY, whom notably would go on to record and release two albums through 2013.  

The original team of Adrian and Bates would resurface as Bates began hiring Adrian for songs that would eventually appear in Kingdom (DirecTV).  Adrian would share demos of his current project “Road Trip” with Bates who became enamored with the developing project and joined the project on bass.  During the same sessions, a chance meeting with Paul Beard, keyboardist and musical director (Bryan Ferry, James Blunt, Robbie Williams) helped to round out the Road Trip project.    

Road Trip is a sophisticated and layered project that couples the moods and textures of his film and television work with the passion and storytelling of Adrian’s singer songwriting background. 

While the pandemic changed people's paths it coalesced a handful of projects for George in 2022 and beyond.   

First, George Adrian accompanied Jerry Cantrell on bass for Jerry Cantrell's Brighten U.S. and European Tour (2022/2023).  

During breaks from the road, George formed a new band with a long time friend and world class drummer Alex Locascio.  Alex suggested Audrey Wiechman for bass and vocals.  The trio quickly became aware of their shared tastes and composed a dozen songs over the span of a few months.  They are set to release their EP in 2024

Finally, George Adrian and Peter Lewis (Moby Grape) will finish a 5 year collaboration that will culminate in an live album (untitled) of all new compositions with the legendary artist.  Rounding out that project is Peter Lewis’ daughter Arwen Lewis.  The multigenerational trio recorded the EP live in 2023 in Solvang, CA and plan on releasing in 2024.

On Tour with Jerry Cantrell 2023

On Tour with Jerry Cantrell 2022

Live @ the Hotel Cafe